35" Play Silks, Vibrant & Pastel

Play silks offer open ended play for children to create whatever their imagination may bring: dress up, peek-a-boo, fort building, decorating, and much more. Simple, natural, durable 8mm play silks are dyed with colorfast dyes. Generously sized 35" silk squares are large enough to swaddle wrap your baby!

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Camden Rose
Camden Rose
Pastel Rainbow Play Silks
  • Pastel Rainbow Play Silks
  • Pastel Rainbow set 35" (left) 21" (right)
  • Vibrant Rainbow Play Silks
  • Vibrant Rainbow set 35" (left) 21" (right)
  • Pastel Peach, 35" Play Silks |
  • Pastel Yellow, 35" Play Silks
  • Pastel Green, 35" Play Silks
  • Pastel Blue, 35" Play Silks
  • Pastel Lilac, 35" Play Silks
  • Pastel Pink, 35" Play Silks
  • Vibrant Orange, 35" Play Silks |
  • Vibrant Yellow, 35" Play Silks |
  • Vibrant Green, 35" Play Silks
  • Vibrant Blue, 35" Play Silks
  • Vibrant Purple, 35" Play Silks
  • Vibrant Red, 35" Play Silks

Soft, light and luxurious to the touch, young children find comfort in the soft warmth of Play Silks. Natural silk fibers are comfortable regardless of the weather.

You may wash most of your silks on DELICATE in your washer, and LOW in your dryer. A mild detergent is preferred, WASH ON COOL. You can also hang them to dry. A quick tumble in the dryer will release wrinkle. If you have items that have lots of straps or could get twisted, we recommend a zippered laundry bag. You may STEAM IRON for any remaining wrinkles or for a fresh pressed look!

Hand-dyed in the USA of a heavier weight silk (8mm) to withstand rigorous play: silk will wear with time, yet always retain its special movement and feel. Due to the custom nature of Camden Rose's unique hand dyeing techniques, color shadings and moderate inconsistencies may occur. These variations are not considered faults. As Play Silks are not commercially dyed we cannot guarantee perfectly smooth, consistent color.

Size: Approximately 35"x35" Square
Hand Rolled Hem
Material: 8mm Haboti China Silk
Hand Dyed in the USA

Pastel Rainbow Play Silks

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