The Palumba Story

 "Palumba, what a great company! They are very genuine, down to earth, friendly, prompt and helpful. I love their products for their simplicity and craftsmanship as well as their use of beeswax as a finish instead of toxic substances. Their catalog is unique and wonderful also. I know this sounds like I'm getting paid to say all this, I just am really impressed and think I should share! Dawn"

Thank you, Dawn, along with each of you who have sent us love letters telling us how our products have brought them joy.

We are Palumba  - Natural Inspired Living

Palumba offers natural wooden toys, waldorf toys and dolls, musical instruments, natural art supplies, toddler tables, children's wooden table and chairs, waldorf playstands, play kitchen's made from solid hardwoods, woolens, clothing other furniture dedicated to your natural home.  We believe that imaginative, open-ended play with simple toys crafted from beautiful, natural materials offers children warmth and a sense of well-being when discovering their world.  Our quality toys and furnishings are of heirloom quality, hand crafted with care and attention to detail.  Most of our toys are made in the USA.

making hardwood choo choos

Palumba is the retail division of Camden Rose, Inc., the primary manufacturer of the items in our selection.  Camden Rose specializes in USA made, quality products featuring silk, organic cotton and premium hardwoods. These natural materials impart a warm and honest quality that appeals to the senses.  Solid cherry, maple and walnut hardwoods are favored for their durability and natural, beautiful colors.   Built to last for generations with attention to detail, Camden Rose wooden products feature softened, round edges and simple designs.  Camden Rose utilizes skilled American craftsmanship, thereby participating in the renaissance of great American manufacturing. Our sister company, Three BEEautiful Bees is the maker of quality furniture conditioner and polish made with local beeswax.  Camden Rose is the distributor for Eyster Lyres, musical lyres made from a single piece of solid cherry wood.  

Our small family business is growing, with wonderful new products each year.  You can read an article about us HERE. We thank all of the wonderful people who have helped us to get to where we are today.

Palumba Team