Dancing as We Sing Book & CD by Nancy Foster

Singing with children is a great joy! A fun collection of Seasonal Circle Plays & Traditional Singing Games, Dancing as We Sing is the second volume of An Acorn Hill Anthology. This volume contains songs in the mood of the fifth for daily use in the kindergarten or nursery. They can be helpful in creating a peaceful mood in the children's daily rhythms and help them through times of transition. Some adults may find the pitch of the songs high on the accompanying CD, yet this is the natural range for young children. Book and CD.

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Dancing as We Sing at Palumba.com
  • Dancing as We Sing at Palumba.com
  • Dancing as We Sing at Palumba.com
In addition to songs in the mood of the fifth, Dancing as We Sing offers two sections of seasonal circle plays - one each for nursery groups and another for mixed-age kindergartens. Also included is a collection of traditional singing games. The introduction contains thoughts about their use and simple directions for each game.

This selection of songs, games and simple plays takes into consideration the dream consciousness of the young child, working out of imitation rather than instruction, bringing archetypal activities of life and experiences of nature -- all with a sense of beauty and order.
format: spiral bound paperback, cd
An Acorn Hill Anthology
published by WECAN

Dancing as We Sing at Palumba.com

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