Felted Soap Bar Making Kit

Get creative and add some style to your soap with this roving set! A great gift to make for someone or for yourself.

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  • Orange/Pinks
  • Blues/Purples
  • What soap looks like after the kit is complete
We created this craft kit so that we could offer quality, natural ingredients. Create a magical soap bar with beautiful multi-colored 100% wool roving (made in the USA) on the outside. The soap we use is Kirk's Original Coco Castille fragrance free soap (natural, hypoallergenic). Simple instructions come with the set to make your perfect roving soap bar! Set includes: multi-color wool roving,1 soap bar, pantyhose netting and instructions.
Materials: 100% wool multi color roving
pantyhose netting
1 bar of Castile Soap


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