Form Drawing by Hans R. Niederhauser and Margaret Frohlich

Book consists of two parts.

Part one is on Form Drawing as an educational and artistic impulse given by Rudolf Steiner.
Part two focuses on practical guide to form drawing in Waldorf schools.

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Form Drawing by Hans R. Niederhauser and Margaret Frohlich
  • Form Drawing by Hans R. Niederhauser and Margaret Frohlich
The intention of this publication is to help Waldorf School teachers to see and appreciates the wide scope of educational possibilities inherent in form drawing. Rudolf Steiner's indications for it are stimulating in so many ways that their range of influence goes very far. Hans Niederhauser, for instance, used them as an approach to geometry. He also pointed out their relationship to other subjects. Anke-Usche Clausen in her book ZEICHEN, SEHEN LERNEN ( Mellinger Verlag, Stuttgart, 1968) used them as an approach to art.Hermann Kirchner's purpose is their application to curative work, helping mentally handicapped children. all these uses are fully justified; they are important parts of a whole. For in form drawing, we are dealing with basic educational means by which a teacher can help the children become well-rounded human beings.

Per Margaret Frohlich description:

Hans Niederhauser shows in his excellent pamphlet, of which translation is Part I of this publication, how as a class teacher, he himself applied Rudolf Steiner's indications for form drawing successively from year to year. Knowing the needs of the English speaking world, I have undertaken to supplement his article with more examples and a few more comments. Form drawing, if understood in its various elements, will also help the class teacher to teach other subjects. However, his greatest strength will come from his constant awareness of three guiding questions, and his endeavor to live up to what they imply: What am I to do? How am I to do it? Why am I to do it?This inner attitude will enable him to help the children entrusted to him.

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Form Drawing by Hans R. Niederhauser and Margaret Frohlich

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