Kinder Lyre

The Kinder Lyre will captivate children with harmonious pentatonic tones. The graceful, sculpted form is easy to hold while sitting or walking. Five strings: b, a, d, e, g.


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To hold, cradle the Kinder Lyre in your left arm and strum with your right hand, or pluck individual strings with both hands. The soft, open tone stimulates listening and free music making in young children. May be given to children from age 5 or 6 as their first string instrument.

The Kinder Lyre comes with a tuning wrench, cotton muslin storage pouch, and a partial replacement string set, which includes:

  • .10 for b
  • .10 for a
  • .10 for g
  • .12 for e
  • .12 for d
Dimensions: 9-1/2" x 6" x 1"
Key: Pentatonic
Made by the Eyster Lyre Co. in the USA
Material: Cherry Hardwood
Finish: Three Beeautiful Bees All-Natural Beeswax Finish

Kinder Lyre

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