Pip the Gnome's Bedtime by Admar Kwant

Pip the gnome and his friends are going to sleep in this gentle board book for young children. Perfect for sharing at bedtime.

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Pip the gnome's bedtme front
  • Pip the gnome's bedtme front
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Pip the gnome sits with his friends mouse, rabbit and squirrel to watch the sunset. One by one, Pip's friends go to sleep: the mouse in her bed under a tree root, the rabbit in her burrow underground, the squirrel in his cozy hole high in a tree. Pip is sleepy too. "Sleep well, Pip." Perfect for bedtime, the soft, colorful illustrations and simple, rhythmic words of this beautiful board book prepare very young children for a peaceful night's sleep.
Pages: unpaginated
Published by Floris Books

Pip the gnome's bedtme front

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