The Singing, Playing Kindergarten by Daniel Udo de Haes

Book Contents are:

The Young Child's Experience of Rhythm
From Ritual to Children's Game
Human Development and Singing Games
The Origins of the "Childhood dream"
The Imagery of Singing Games
Form, Movement, Sound and Repetition
Types and Examples of Singing Games
A healthy Awakening from the "Childhood dream""
Rhythm and Ritual: The Possible Origins of Singing Games
The Task of the Early Childhood Group Leader Today


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This book covers significance of traditional singing games, and how they can be played in an age-appropriate way with young children. The deep esoteric meaning of these seemingly simple games is brought to light, and a convincing argument is made for the importance of a gradual and healthy awakening from the " childhood dream".
Delightful examples from author's Dutch heritage are included, many newly translated into English.
Pages: 165
Published by Wecan

The Singing, Playing Kindergarten by Daniel Udo de Haes

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